Behavioural Competencies Implementation Guide

It is with great pleasure that we introduce the Implementation Guide for Behavioural Competencies in Intervenor Services. The purpose of this Implementation Guide is to provide the tools and resources necessary for successful voluntary implementation of Behavioural Competencies for Intervenor Services across 20 Ministry of Community and Social Services (MCSS) Transfer Payment Agencies within the Intervenor Services Sector in Ontario (TPAs).

The ISHRS expects the voluntary implementation of Behavioural Competencies to improve the recruitment, on-boarding, retention, and training of intervenors in Ontario. The Implementation Guide contains information, resources and guidance to support agencies as they move forward with the introduction and implementation of Behavioural Competencies within their respective organizations.

The ISHRS developed the Behavioural Competencies for Intervenor Services towards the following purposes:
1. Recognize the professional nature of intervenor services;
2. Recruit the right people;
3. Provide job enhancement opportunities and make career paths more transparent;
4. Engage and inspire qualified intervenors to remain in the sector;
5. Provide a strengths-based approach to enhancing and developing intervenor services;
6. Enable intervenors to provide better service; and
7. Provide a foundation for increased and sustainable human resource capacity.

Agencies that adopt the Behavioural Competencies for Intervenor Services will support the following:
• Contributing to the professionalism of human resources for intervenor services, and recognizing the role of an intervenor as a professional career path;
• Investing in employees who demonstrate the behaviours that lead them to excel in their roles and to provide excellent standard of service to individuals who are deafblind and their families;
• Nurturing the potential of employees by providing tools for career advancement and by enhancing access to education and training opportunities; and
• Working together as a sector to develop standards and implement best practices for Intervenor Services.

To view the Behavioural Competencies Implementation Guide, click here.



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