In 2013, the Ministry of Community and Social Services (MCSS) launched an Intervenor Services Program Renewal Strategy with the objective to transform and modernize the Intervenor Services program in collaboration with service providers, persons using intervenor services, families, researchers (including George Brown College representatives) and partner ministries (Education; Children and Youth Services; Training Colleges and Universities; and, Health and Long-Term Care). 

The renewal strategy includes the Intervenor Services Program Policy Framework and the development of a comprehensive sector led human resources initiative with a key component to increase the recruitment, talent and skill among intervenors and management personnel.      

In the fall of 2014, MCSS and the Intervenor Services Sector agreed to jointly undertake long term, strategic initiatives that will provide training opportunities for skills enhancement and the development of voluntary best human resource practices relevant to the delivery of Intervenor Services in Ontario. To operationalize this initiative an Intervenor Service Human Resource Strategy Steering Committee was formed. 
In December 2014 the Steering Committee presented a proposal to MCSS on behalf of the sector accepting to undertake an earnest agenda including a comprehensive multiyear plan that will systematically improve human resource practices, while ensuring the delivery of quality services.  
With approval from the Ministry for Phase One of the HR Strategy, a governance structure was established, including four (4) working Sub-Committees:  Best Practices in Human Resources, Behavioural Competencies, Education and Training, and Marketing and Communication. 

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