Mandate and Purpose    

The Intervenor Services Human Resources Strategy Steering Committee (Committee) will provide leadership and oversight for the implementation of a province-wide, multi-year human resources initiative.    

The Committee will prepare and oversee:  

  • A work plan that identifies anticipated outcomes, and incorporates regular monitoring and evaluation of key elements within the Intervenor Services Human Resource Strategy (Strategy)
  • A committee structure with broad Intervenor Services Sector and related representation that will ensure the effective achievement of the Strategy’s general objectives and deliverables
  • Annual budgets and expenditures, and will provide timely accounting of same within Ministry of Community and Social Services (MCSS) requirements
All work of the Committee and its sub-committees will be consistent with the MCSS Intervenor Services Program Policy Framework that includes the following key program principles; self-directed and responsive, choice, fairness and equity, accountability, sustainability, professionalism, family and community.         

Members include:  

Sarah VanDuzer, Jayne Leang, Laurie Marissen, Susan Manahan, Bev Morris, Cathy Proll, Jennifer Robbins, Roxanna Spruyt-Rocks, Maurice Voisin, Cheryl Wilson     

Key Deliverables: 

  • Provide enriched learning opportunities for intervenors, supervisory personnel and senior management
  • Develop sector specific core competencies and related training opportunities
  • Develop and offer innovative and practical Human Resource tools to improve recruitment, on-boarding and retention of qualified intervenors
  • Enhance the overall delivery and quality of services that promote meaningful outcomes for adults who are deafblind 
  • Introduce marketing and communication approaches to elevate the profile and public awareness of the Intervenor Services Sector
  • Prepare and submit to MCSS all subsequent funding proposals including detailed work plans and budget requirements
  • Provide timely reporting and evaluation of all Committee activities


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